October 20, 2019

Energy Saving Tools

Would you like to save money on your energy bill? Eastin Heating and Air provides services to help you save money on your electric bill.

Energy AuditSave Money on Energy - Energy Audit, Blower Door Test

Our Energy Audit will evaluate the living area of your home, but more importantly, the areas of your home that you don’t see; attic, crawl spaces, and the air duct system.

Blower Door Test DallasBlower Door Test

Air flow through a building can have a powerful impact on comfort, expense, and air quality. Blower doors provide a way to quantify air flow and the resulting heat loss, along with a way to pinpoint specific leaks.

Duct Cleaning

We are constantly learning more about the effect of pollutants on our health. Studies have shown that 19 out of 20 homes had considerably more polluted air than the air outside.